PU Underlay

TREDAIRE are one of the leading manufacturers of Underlay - all our polyurethene underlays are made by Tredaire.

When choosing a PU underlay it is important to look at both the density (weight per cubic metre) as well as the thickness/height. A denser underlay will give the underlay better stability making it harder wearing as well as giving it a luxury feel.

We stock 8 fantastic PU underlays, we can guarantee we will have a perfect underlay for whatever your requirement.

Please click on the links below, for specification sheets and more information.

SUPER 10 (80kg) 10mm

BRIO (98kg) 8mm

ZEST (98kg) 10mm

SOFTWALK (110kg) 9mm

DREAMWALK (110kg) 11mm

REVIVE (Formerly Contract 7) (145kg) 7mm

AMBIENCE (Formerly Contract 9) (145kg) 9mm

SENSATION 11 (145kg) 11mm

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